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A start-up in the pharmaceutical sector wishes to draw up a business plan. However, the entrepreneurs behind the start-up do not have the experience nor the tools to create a thorough and well-thought-out business plan. For this, they call on horsum.


horsum guided them in different steps. First, they analyzed the business concept, the sector, the competition,… Based on this information, horsum defined together with the entrepreneurs what the company will and what they will not do. This is their strategic position. Next, the plan was translated into very specific and realistic company goals on short and long term. These goals have to be met thanks to a strong marketing plan and sales strategy. In addition, also the daily operations were subject to a practical screening: product development, order follow-up, service-after-sales, credit controlling…

Then, horsum and the entrepreneurs designed a suitable organization and determined the competences of future employees.

Finally, they translated the whole business plan into a financial plan including the future sales, costs, revenue and expenses.

As a result, the start-up has now a complete and well-though-out business plan. The entrepreneurs know exactly where they want to go with their start-up, how their market functions and who their competitors are. They have a clear focus and the right tools to organize their business in the long term. horsum helped them with practical advice, based on years of industry experience.