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Process mining explained by an example | Episode 1: introduction

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Do you sometimes think: big data, process mining, data analytics… interesting, but not beneficial within my company? horsum would like to show you the contrary. You will quickly understand how new insights in your in-house data offer you additional competitive advantages.

Over the next eight weeks, we present one central case: the logistics process at the fictitious company SmartCoat Inc.

During weekly episodes, we highlight insights process mining brings you. By using the illustrative central case, we discuss how analyzing in-house data can lead to the following results:

  • Discover your real business processes (April 14th, 2016);
  • Remove unnecessary and divergent process activities from your business processes (April 21st, 2016);
  • Benchmark various departments, plants, products or sales channels within your company (April 28th, 2016);
  • Identify bottlenecks (May 5th, 2016);
  • Visualize the interactions amongst your employees (May 12th, 2016);
  • Report the exact cost prices of activities (May 19th, 2016);
  • Predict and prevent process errors (May 26th, 2016).

This week, we meet Marie - CEO of SmartCoat Inc. Marie shortly portrays her company and gives more information about the logistics process at SmartCoat Inc. She is very curious about how we will offer her new insights by using data from her ERP system. Do you follow along during the coming weeks?

Or even more, interested to practice process mining yourself - on the data of SmartCoat Inc.? Next week, we will upload the event log so you can get started.

You can download Episode 1 (in high resolution) here.

Or you can watch the first episode on SlideShare.


Dennis Houthoofd – April 7th, 2016

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