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Process mining explained by an example | Episode 2: process discovery

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Make full use of your in-house data to discover what really happens in your company. Discover to what extent there are deviations from the “happy path”.

In this week’s episode, we illustrate how we discover the logistics process via process mining at SmartCoat Inc. Marie is very curious to know how this process looks like in reality. What about you?


You can download Episode 2 (in high resolution) here.

Episode 2

Or you can watch the second episode on SlideShare.

In next week’s episode, we inform Marie about the important deviations and pitfalls in the logistics process. We show her the root causes. As such, Marie will know where to start to increase customer satisfaction and to further streamline the logistics process.

Interested to practice process mining yourself - on the data of SmartCoat Inc.? Please find here the event log so you can get started.

SmartCoat Inc. Event log March 2016

Dennis Houthoofd – April 14th, 2016

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