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Process mining explained by an example | Episode 3: process deviations

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Does your gut feeling sometimes tell you that your business process is not organized as it should be? Or do you think that obligatory controls are sometimes – intentionally or unintentionally- not executed?

With process mining, your business processes become 100 % transparent again. By using your in-house data, we replace your gut feeling with “facts and figures”.

This week, we inform Marie about the principal deviations in her logistics process. As such, Marie can fine-tune her business process based on actual data.

You can download Episode 3 (in high resolution) here.

Process mining explained by an example | Episode 3

Or you can watch the third episode on SlideShare.



Next week, we will benchmark via process mining. By comparing various products, employees,... we can further improve SmartCoat Inc.’s logistics process.

Dennis Houthoofd – April 21st, 2016

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