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Process mining explained by an example | Episode 6: interactions

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During this week’s episode 6, we discuss on the one hand the most important interactions amongst SmartCoaters. On the other hand, we identify the paths smartphones traverse throughout the locations of SmartCoat Inc. As such, we discover through which hands and locations smartphones pass during the logistics process.

We start by visualizing the sequence in which SmartCoaters process the smartphones. In addition, we get a clear picture of the key employees within the logistics process.

Next, we analyze the flow of smartphones through the various locations. As a result, we identify in which locations smartphones stay the longest and which actions Marie can take to organize her process more stable, faster and cheaper.

You can download Episode 6 (in high resolution) here

Episode 6

Or you can watch the sixth episode on SlideShare.



Next week, we will discuss the financial aspect of the logistics process with Marie.  

Dennis Houthoofd - May 12th, 2016

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