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The road towards a succesful ERP implementation

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Success or failure, a thin line

An ERP system is for companies what a turbocharger is for your car engine. A well-functioning turbocharger accelerates your car. But… when the turbocharger malfunctions or breaks, you experience a loss of speed and expensive reparation costs.

Every company implementing a new ERP system hopes for a smooth implementation. Companies expect that the ERP system delivers the wished-for added value and that all promised functional requirements get implemented.

Unfortunately, a lot of companies face in practice a long-drawn-out implementation, which frequently results in a significant budget overspent. In addition, ERP systems frequently do not meet the expectations because the ERP system insufficiently supports the business.

Nevertheless, a company can prevent such horror scenario. By making their “homework” thoroughly before the ERP implementation, companies can increase their chances on a successful ERP implementation. An ERP implementation is not a technical but a business transformation. Acknowledging that the “business” is at the center is a key step towards a successful ERP implementation.  

The business in the center of an ERP implementation

The search for a fitting ERP system starts with a clear articulation of a company’s strategy and vision. When you clearly determine the direction and destination of your company for the following years, the ERP system can be set-up accordingly. The ERP system should fully support the company’s strategy.

Once the company’s direction is clear, the “how-translation” follows. Which business processes do you require to execute the company’s strategy? How should these business processes be designed? In essence, the strategy has to be translated into tailored future business processes. Because… different business models require different business processes.

Once the strategy is clear and the business processes are designed accordingly, it is time to determine the functional requirements. A precise and categorical view on the “need-to-haves” and “nice-to-haves” will support you to choose an ERP system that suits your company’s business needs. 

Guidance during your preparatory homework

The numerous and well-known ERP implementation failures advocate the necessity for a correct and thorough ERP implementation preparation. Doing your homework in advance will drastically increase your chances on a successful ERP implementation.

But, what if you do not have the right knowledge, insights or experience in house for such a preparatory exercise? At horsum, we leverage our deep expertise and offer a structured approach to guide your company towards a successful ERP implementation.

Curious about our approach? We look forward to meeting you. Send an e-mail to or call us on +32 9 378 38 28 for more information. 

Dennis Houthoofd - December 8th, 2016