horsum is moving to... Ghent

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2017 already proves to be an important year for horsum because… we are moving to our new office!

Dok Noord, 4C bus 205, Ghent will be our new habitat and we did not chose this place by accident.

The central location of Ghent allows us to serve our customers even better. A meeting at our office is now within a more comfortable distance for our customers. In addition, Ghent is a pleasant city to stay for our international customers.

We wish to hire new colleagues in the future and… new colleagues mean more office space. Therefore, we see our new and bigger office as an enabler for our growth ambitions. Next, Ghent is a popular student city. We consider this as an opportunity to hire graduated talent.

Our new office contributes to the further improvement of our service: consultancy for companies – large and small – in the field of processes, data, finance and business control. Result-driven, pragmatically and customized.

Dennis Houthoofd - February 14th, 2017