Achieve your business objectives faster

How can SMEs manage their risks in order to accelerate?

Which challenges can stop you from achieving your business objectives? Do you take proactive actions to manage and overcome these challenges? Are you practicing risk management?


Together with you and your employees, we identify all risks. Based on an anonymous voting, you decide together with your employees which challenges are most prominent and threatening. We draft an action-and implementation plan for these risks

For whom?

Every SME that wishes to achieve its objectives faster.


  • This exercise starts from your business objectives. This results in a better focus and ensures that everyone is on the same page
  • In order to identify the risks, we organize individual interviews with you and your key employees. All aspects of your business are covered. By doing so, we prevent overseeing "hidden" risks and obtain a versatile result.
  • Next, these individual interviews result in a bigger commitment: your employees think along with your company and feel appreciated.
  • By identifying the risks in a structured manner and drafting an action-and implementation plan to tackle the most important challenges, your company prepares better and more successfully for the future. Business objectives are achieved faster!
  • In addition, the action plan is supported by your employees since they helped to create it. This results in an immediate implementation of these actions. 
  • In essence, horsum provides you a structured and pragmatic approach in order to enable you to achieve your business objectives faster. 


Read the testimonial of Bart Adries, Managing Director at Lithoss, about the risk management exercise for SMEs done at Lithoss.


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horsum is a registered service provider of the KMO-portefeuille.


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