Increase your customer & product profitability

How can SMEs gain more from their customers and products?

Do you know how much you really earn from your customers? Can you separate the "high-value" customers from the "low-value" customers? Do you know which customers cost you money? Do the sales-and administration costs increase without resulting in more profit? What is the real cost price of your products? Have you identified your "hidden" costs? Do you base your strategic decisions on the correct figures about your customers and products?


We screen the various financial and operational figures that your company has. Based on these data, we analyze what you really earn from your customers and products. Next, we offer you fresh insights to enable you to make the right strategic decisions.

For whom?

Every SME that wishes to earn more from their customers and products.


  • Many SMEs primarily focus on turnover, without considering if the company sells intelligently. Often SMEs lose attention for high-value customers or products, because they put too much time, money and effort into low-value or even value-losing customers or products.
  • Because there is a lot of client-and product information captured in the purchase-, production-, sales-, marketing- and accounting department. This valuable information is often not or insufficiently analyzed to make better management decisions. 
  • Profit margins are under pressure. However, these can be increased by focusing more on profitable client -and product categories. 
  • Employees often put too much time and effort in customers, which is not always recouped by profits made on that client. By having a better insight into the customers and products, employees can organize themselves more efficiently and effectively.
  • In essence, by analyzing your customers and products, you and your employees regain a clear overview on which customers and products truly create value for your company, enabling you to make the right decisions on the road to growth.


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horsum is a registered service provider of the KMO-portefeuille.


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