Prepare for a successful ERP project

How can SMEs prepare for a successful ERP project?

You realize that a new ERP system can offer your SME more structure, and can accelerate its activities.      But … do stories about expensive and failed ERP implementations frighten you to take the step towards a new ERP system?

To guide SMEs towards a new ERP system, we have developed a structured and proven approach. Tailored to the needs and reality of the SME. Too often we hear about SMEs that immediately contact potential ERP providers, without getting their internal processes right first, nor doing any preliminary homework.

What does our ERP project preparation entail?

Together with you and your employees, we define a clear strategy and vision for your SME. As such, you get a clear image of where you want to take your SME in the future. When the destination is clear, we translate this vision into “to-be business processes”. We design efficient processes, while also taking internal controls, your company needs and company characteristics into account. These “to-be business processes” contribute to determine what the new ERP system should and should not be able to do. We also define the desired reports that the ERP system should be able to deliver. Subsequently, we determine the data registrations that are required for the desired reporting.

In short: together with you, we assist in preparing your SME for a successful ERP project, by carrying out the preliminary, but essential homework. As such, we determine the “jar”, for which we then search the fitting “lid”.

For whom?

Every SME that wants to thoroughly prepare itself for the selection of a new ERP system, according to a proven approach. Every SME owner who wants to be supported by an independent party through one of the most important transformations within his or her SME.


  • ERP implementations are expensive and risky, but SMEs need to keep developing. Exactly for that reason, we help your SME prepare for a successful ERP implementation. In that way, we reduce the likelihood of a failure.
  • By doing your preliminary homework, you know better what your SME really requires from a new ERP system. In that way, you will not be tempted by ERP providers to invest in unnecessary or expensive non-essential additional features.
  • As an SME, you may not have the right people within your own company to guide an ERP project. Avoid a lengthy ERP project that turns out to be more expensive than budgeted.  
  • A new ERP system is the opportunity to further structure your SME, and to prepare your SME for the future. By thinking thoroughly about the desired reports in advance, you can set up and align your new ERP system with these reports. As a result, you gain more insight in your SME.


Would you also like to prepare for a successful ERP implementation? We are happy to come and listen. Email us at or call us on +32 9 378 38 28 for more information.

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