Process optimization

Your process optimization challenges

Companies are constantly subject to changes: new technologies, new products -and services, dynamic organizational structures, changing regulations, evolving departments, new ERP-software etcetera. Resultantly, you can encounter the following challenges:

  • The company launched a new service which results in increasing sales figures. However, there is too little attention spent on the internal administrative processes that support this new service;
  • Although processes are optimized per department, the end-to-end process along all departments is not efficient;
  • The standard processes are well-designed. In practice however, exceptions to these standard processes are frequently committed;
  • Some processes are historically grown. There are a lot of opportunities to design these processes more efficiently;
  • There are too little checks and controls embedded in the current processes;
  • The existing features in the software systems are underutilized. 

How horsum can help you

horsum accelerates companies by designing their processes more efficiently and effectively.

Our approach consists of involving the key employees close to the design process. To horsum, an optimization exercise is more a human-centered activity than a technical exercise. Nevertheless, data from your existing systems are thoroughly analyzed by means of process mining techniques. These steps do not only result in an optimal and workable design, but also guarantees the support of your employees due to their involvement.

horsum has an extensive knowledge in the principles of lean process management and process mining. We apply these principles during the process designing. In addition, we pay attention to the necessary checks and controls.

Our appreciated method allows a systematic and focused approach that profoundly changes the work ethics and attitude of our employees.

Recent process optimization projects

  • Streamline and improve the cost-efficiency of a sales process | production company
  • Screen and optimize a purchasing process | production company
  • Set-up a process that guarantees the correctness of the theoretical inventory | production company
  • Design a process to improve follow-up of customer projects | technology company
  • Optimize credit controlling processes | production company
  • Optimize use of software within a purchasing process | production company

horsum is a registered service provider of the KMO-Portefeuille

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