Respond quicker to business opportunities

How can SMEs use a changing environment to their advantage?

The business environment of your company is constantly changing. Does the market change in your advantage or disadvantage? Does your company successfully adapt to these changes? Which opportunities are ready to be used by your organization?


Together with you and your employees, we evaluate your current business model and look for opportunities in your business environment. We draft an action-and implementation plan for the most promising opportunities.

For whom?

Every SME that wishes to excel and wants to prepare for changing external factors (trends, competition, customer needs and suppliers).


  • The exercise starts by visualizing the business model and environment of your company. Together with you and your employees, we perform a thorough SWOT-analysis. This cooperative approach results in increased commitment and various insights.
  • Your employees are your best consultants. That's horsum's opinion. Your employees are capable of providing fantastic opportunities, but these are mostly insufficiently communicated. By creativity sessions with your employees, we identify these unspoken opportunities and illustrate them in a structured way.
  • These opportunities will be supported by your employees, which results in immediate implementation opportunities.
  • The exercise goes beyond merely identifying opportunities. We draft a thorough action-and implementation plan for the opportunities chosen by you. 
  • In essence, horsum offers you a structured and pragmatic approach to identify and develop your business opportunities.


Read the testimonial by Frederic Bulcaen and Kris Devidt on the strategic opportunity development exercise performed at Typhoon.


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horsum is a registered service provider of the KMO-portefeuille.


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