Select a fitting ERP system

How can SMEs efficiently select an adequate ERP partner and fitting ERP system?

Have you done your homework? Have you mapped your business processes? Do you have a clear view on which reports you need to manage your SME and which data registrations are required to feed these reports? Do you know what you really expect of a new ERP system, and what is a nice extra? If you cannot answer these questions with a straightforward ‘yes’, you need to take a step back and start with a good preparation of your ERP project.

When the digital requirements of your SME are clear, we are happy to guide you through a well-orchestrated ERP selection process. Together, we search for the best fitting ERP system for your SME. We start from our ERP database, which contains a longlist of ERP systems and providers, to eventually select the right partner that has the best fitting ERP solution.

For whom?

Every SME that wants to successfully select an adequate partner with a fitting ERP system. Every SME owner who wants to be supported by an independent party during the selection of a fundamental investment.


  • By letting an experienced party with a thorough knowledge of the market advise you, you avoid being tempted by ERP providers.
  • Because of the large offer of software packages on the market, it is hard to see the wood for the trees. Based on our ERP database, we start the selection process immediately with a fitting longlist of potential partners and ERP systems. As such, we avoid losing valuable time; your competition does not wait. 
  • By taking on board an independent, external party, you can avoid being deluded, or overwhelmed by potential ERP providers with difficult jargon.
  • As an SME, you may not have the right people within your own company to guide an ERP project. Avoid a lengthy ERP process that turns out to be more expensive than budgeted.


Would you like to be guided during your search for a new ERP system, or do you not see the right wood for the trees? Then we would be happy to come and visit. Send an email to or give us a call at +32 9 378 38 28 for more information.

horsum is a registered service provider of the ‘KMO-portefeuille’.

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