Streamline your business processes

How can SMEs organize their administrative processes in order to match client's expectations in a most efficient and effective way?

Do you sometimes look at your company like your clients do? Do you know which efforts are truly appreciated by your clients? Are the administrative business processes set up in order to meet these efforts? Does everything run efficiently? Do you and your employees waste time by executing non-value adding tasks - just because you have always done them? Do you have sufficient control to guarantee that all products and services are delivered in time, correctly while meeting your qualitative standards?


Together with you and your employees, we identify and illustrate your administrative processes. We identify the superfluous tasks and analyze how tasks can be done more effectively and efficiently (lean & mean). Next, by implementing the right checks and controls, we focus on how to ensure that products and services are always well-received by your clients. Together we draft an action-and implementation plan.

For whom?

Every SME that wishes to eliminate excessive ballast in order to meet real clients' expectations more efficiently and effectively.


  • A lot of SMEs grow without having their administrative organization growing simultaneously in an adequate way. Often, this leads to situations where employees still work, practicing their old habits. Old habits which can use a healthy dose of increased efficiency
  • By tackling inefficiencies and eliminating waste (unnecessary stock, double insert of documents...) additional money and time comes available. Consequently, thesecan be reused for strategic investments. 
  • SMEs spend too much time "playing firefighter", when they have to solve problems ad hoc (defects, wrong invoices...). By installing suitable checks and controls in your administrative processes, a lot of these errors can be prevented
  • You want to partner with someone who, thanks to their expertise, can be a real added value to your company by serving you in a quick and pragmatic way.


Do you also want your company to work more efficiently and effectively? Would you also like to optimize your business processes? We are happy to come and visit. Email us at or call us on +32 9 378 38 28 for more information.

horsum is a registered service provider of the KMO-portefeuille.


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