Process Mining

Your process mining challenges

Business processes are at the heart of every company. They enable companies to offer high-value goods and services to their customers. However, because of the complexity of modern IT-systems and the use of different systems for sub processes, it becomes hard to see what actually happens in your company. Even more: identifying what went wrong, how to correct this and connecting the company all continue to become more difficult.

Companies often encounter the following challenges:

  • How do business processes flow in practice?
  • Do the business processes really flow like we believe?
  • Where are the deviations and exceptions?
  • Where are the bottlenecks?
  • How can we better align the different business departments?
  • Which business processes contain opportunities for efficiency improvement?
  • Do we have everything sufficiently under control?
  • Are the matters that require approvals, approved in practice?

How horsum can help you

horsum has the right process mining skills to assist you in these challenges.

Almost every information system registers detailed information on transactions, tasks, decisions, exceptions and other user-triggered or automated events. These data sources provide the necessary data to quickly and thoroughly analyze the business processes by using process mining techniques. This results in:

  • Visualization of how business processes flow in practice;
  • Identification of deviations: where do employees (or machines) deviate from what should happen?
  • Bottleneck analysis: where is performance improvement possible and which factors are influential?
  • Business process benchmarking between companies, departments and company entities;
  • Analysis of the social network: which employee interacts with which colleague?
  • Analysis of the segregation of duties
  • Cost analysis: what is the cost of business processes and their deviations? Where are cost reductions possible?
  • Predictive analyses: can we predict events?

Process mining gives insight, real insight; based on facts. And that is what really accelerates your company. 

horsum is a registered service provider of the KMO-Portefeuille.

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