Digital, ERP & IT strategy

You realize that your organization can not miss the digital train. But you do not have a clear picture of how IT should fit into your overall business strategy. The possibilities that IT can offer for your organization are still vague. You want to bring IT to a strategic level.

Your challenges

Organizations often struggle with the following questions:

  • How do we position IT at a strategic level to gain a competitive advantage?
  • How does IT fit within the general business strategy?
  • Which technological trends are promising for our business model and how do we benefit from these?
  • How do we use data as a source for information and insights?
  • How do we set up an IT roadmap and what investments are involved?
  • How do we gradually replace legacy IT systems?

How we help

horsum helps organizations to create a clear picture of how to use IT as a strategic advantage:

  • Based on the current situation, we draft an IT roadmap to enable organizations to capitalize on targeted short-term and long-term opportunities.
  • We evaluate how IT can be used to increase the customer experience and how it might improve operational efficiency in your internal organization.
  • We screen trends within your industry and link them to IT. As such, we deliver a roadmap that couples industry trends with technological opportunities.


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