Digital potential analysis

You are convinced of the opportunities that new technologies may offer. You realize that digitizing your company is necessary. But you want to focus. Focus on innovation in areas of your organization where investments in technology add the most value.

Your challenges

Do you recognize one of the following challenges:

  • You want to gain insight into the trends and technologies that are most important to your company. But due to the rapid speed of innovation and many jargons, you can not see the wood for the trees.
  • You feel that your company is not at the forefront when it comes to employing IT as a differentiator. You want to catch up and quickly achieve results.
  • You acknowledge the importance of technology and its opportunities. Unfortunately, your organization has its financial limitations. Nevertheless, you want to achieve results and get the most out of IT investments.
  • You acknowledge the importance of technology and its opportunities. However, your organization is not yet convinced. You want a business case to convince your organization (management) of the opportunities that technology can offer.

How we help

horsum offers a structured step-by-step plan to identify the opportunities IT offers for your organization:

  • We map the current situation. We identify the current IT landscape, analyse current business processes and see how your organization interacts with customers.
  • From your current operating model we determine, in cooperation with the management team, objectives that should be achieved with new technology.
  • By blending the current operating model, the determined goals and the possibilities of technology, we propose a vision on how technology can improve both customer experience and operational excellence.
  • From this vision, we select the most promising opportunities. As a result, it’s clear for your organization which opportunities to pursue.


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