ERP readiness

Your ERP readiness challenges

You want to implement a new ERP software. At the same time, you realize that the road towards a successful ERP implementation is full of risks.

Specific challenges you might face when preparing for an ERP implementation: 

  • You acknowledge that a thorough preparation is key. The set-up, content and planning of this preparatory phase is hard to define;
  • The company’s strategy and vision are clear. However, the translation into future business processes is not;  
  • In the context of the new ERP software, you wish to clearly visualize the “TO BE” business processes. You do not have the right people or sufficient internal capacity to bring this challenging task to a good end;
  • The project team for the new ERP project has been assigned. Defining a comprehensive and complete approach is hard;
  • In order to further professionalize your organization, you wish to put a stop to departments creating their own unaligned reports. However, you do not succeed in defining a set of validated reports that is supported by all departments;  
  • The new ERP software is for you an opportunity to strengthen the level of internal controls. You wish to clearly visualize how and where a set of checks and controls can be embedded in the business processes;
  • The different master data are not in control within your current ERP system. Resultantly, it is difficult to manage and steer the company. You wish to correct this situation with the new ERP implementation. Setting-up a suitable master data governance is your biggest challenge;
  • It is difficult to translate the future business model into the future ERP architecture;
  • You want to involve an external party, independent from internal politics, to objectively raise attention to fundamental decisions, to initiate change management or to execute preparatory tasks. 

How horsum can help you

horsum has obtained extensive experience and sound expertise in guiding organizations during the pre-implementation phase. We prepare enterprises thoroughly with our methodologic approach. By doing so, we increase together the chances on a successful ERP implementation.

We can aid you with: 

  • An all-embracing guidance during the pre-implementation phase. Together, we prepare a tailored approach addressing your company-specific needs and situation;
  • The design and visualization of the future business processes according the company’s strategy. These “TO BE” business processes will co-determine the functionalities of the new ERP software;
  • The determination of the right KPIs and reports that need to be present in and calculated by the to-be implemented ERP system;
  • Guidance with the set-up of a suitable master data governance;
  • The design of the future ERP architecture, fitting your current or future business model. 

horsum is a registered service provider of the KMO-Portefeuille

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