ERP software selection

You are looking for a new ERP system... but do you know exactly what you are looking for? Do you wish to avoid investing in an ERP system that does not meet your requirements? Do you have your future business processes mapped out? Have you thought about the desired reporting set-up and required data registrations? Are you sure that you know enough to avoid investing in an ERP system that does not meet your organization’s requirements? If you can not answer “yes” to these questions, you should take a step back and thoroughly prepare for your ERP project.

Your challenges

An ERP software selection process often involves the following challenges:

  • Internally, you have insufficient knowledge of the current ERP market. You want a partner, with knowledge of the market, to guide your organization towards the right ERP system. As such, you gain time and assure a thorough and complete selection process.  
  • You do not feel sufficiently familiar with the usual steps of a selection process. You want to address such an important project in a structured way – without unknowingly skipping essential steps.
  • You want to avoid that potential suppliers can “fool or bluff” you with difficult jargon and sales talk. You want an independent sparring partner to evaluate ERP systems and partners.
  • You do not have internal resources available to lead this selection process.
  • You wish to prevent the selection process being dragged too long. In this way, you want to avoid “fatigue” within the organization even before the implementation is started.

How we help

Based on our ERP database and market knowledge, we draft a longlist of ERP systems and suppliers. Starting from this longlist, we narrow down potential ERP systems and suppliers. Ultimately, we help to select the right partner with an ERP system that best suits your company.

horsum guides your organization through the entire selection process:

  • Drafting of an ERP requirements report, including the desired ERP functionalities and a description of your organization.
  • Preparing a longlist of ERP suppliers to invite for a first introductory meeting.
  • Guidance on analysis of received offers and drafting of scenarios for supplier demonstrations (Proof of Concepts).
  • Advice and support during contract negotiations and financial investment analysis (ROI).


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