IT project recovery

Your company started with great enthusiasm a trajectory towards digitization. But along the way, your company lost confidence in the IT supplier or implementation partner, some “mental fatigue” arose in the organization or the project is drifting too far away from the initial set-up.  

Your challenges

If one of the below statements applies to your organization and project, you should critically evaluate your ongoing project: 

  • Your organization is somewhat “stuck” in the preparation for a new IT system. The step to start the selection process is systematically postponed or the selection process itself continues to drag on.
  • The implementation does not go as planned. The budget is not respected, or important milestones are systematically not met.
  • The opinion and “feeling” within the organization about the project become more negative. Employees become sceptical and lose their enthusiasm and sense of ownership.
  • Collaboration between internal employees or with the implementation partner is difficult.
  • The implemented IT functionalities do not deliver what was promised or expected.
  • Employees do not feel involved, are reluctant towards the new ERP system or leave the project team.
  •  The collaboration with and the confidence in the (external) project manager gets questioned by project employees.


How we help

horsum works out an approach, tailored to your specific situation:

  • In a first step, we evaluate the current state of the project and identify critical issues.
  • Together with the project management, we draw up an action plan. We identify quick wins to regain the momentum and work from there to get the project back on track.


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