Project management

Your company is heading towards the implementation of an IT system. However, internally you do not have the right knowledge, skills and/or suitable resources to manage this transformation project.

Your challenges

Does one of the following statements sound familiar for your organization:

  • You realize that an implementation project requires a lot of organizational energy. But you wonder how to organize the project internally and which management structures are appropriate?
  • You wish to be supported by an independent partner who safeguards the best interests of your organization throughout the implementation?
  • You want a sparring partner to discuss ideas before communicating them to the implementation partner?
  • You do not have the right capacities within your organization to manage such important project?
  • You appointed an internal employee as project manager, but you want project management coaching for this employee.

How we help

horsum takes on various forms of project management:

  • As a hands-on project manager, we take on the management of the entire project.the entire project management. This allows you to keep your internal resources optimally available for other aspects of the implementation.
  • As a coaching project manager, we guide your internal project manager through the implementation and teach best practices.
  • We advise on how to set up a project governance structure to steer the project in a structured way. If desired, we also take place in the steering committee.
  • Depending on the need of your organization, we oversee certain key aspects of the implementation (e.g. preparing test scenarios, data cleansing and migration, change management, training, ...).


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