Support during the implementation

Do you wish to be guided by an experienced consultant during the implementation of your IT software?

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  • How do you assure, after selecting IT software, that the scope and budget are guarded?
  • How do you know if all promised IT functionalities are effectively implemented?
  • Do you want to accelerate your implementation project, to avoid fatigue in your organization?
  • Do you feel insufficiently confident about an IT implementation track? Do you wish guidance on how to structure the approach without skipping essential steps?

Our approach

After selecting the IT partner, we stay on board in an advising role. 


Thanks to our experience, we can question the way a supplier implements certain topics and refute them if necessary. We will review the blueprint and scope of the IT partner to reassure you on the project you are agreeing with.


As a sounding board, we guide the internal project group during the implementation. We assist in guarding the scope and budget. We are present during steerco meetings where the progress, decisions and potential issues are discussed and resolved.