Training & Counseling

You have set up a risk management system in which internal controls have been devised. In theory, your company is now one step closer to the realization of its business objectives. However, it is important that the internal control system doesn’t remain hollow phrases. For the controls to be successful, it is necessary to raise awareness throughout the company. Not only the board, but also the employees must be convinced of the usefulness of such control system. If not, chances are that not everyone will face up to its own responsibilities.

Not only the extent of the system, but also its continuous monitoring is a key factor to success. It is not unlikely that you will occasionally face challenges for which you are unsure about the best way to address them. In addition, it is no simple task to keep up with the latest developments in the field of internal audit.

Your challenges

Whether your organisation has an internal audit department or not. Whether a system of internal controls has already been introduced or not. Now and then you are faced with certain challenges:

  • Your Internal Auditor or Risk Manager is struggling with certain issues and wants a sparring partner to work on a solution.
  • You don’t have the internal resources to develop information sessions about certain themes.
  • You wonder whether you are aware of the latest risks associated with the newest technologies and regulations.
  • Employees are reluctant to the introduction of internal controls because they don’t see the value in it.

How we help

We can support you or your internal audit department in several ways:

  • We guide a workshop in which awareness for internal control is raised among employees. In a comprehensible manner, we demonstrate the importance of internal controls and each employee's responsibility.
  • We offer a toolkit to communicate the importance of internal controls in your company and to involve your employees.
  • We train your management or employees in specific internal control aspects, such as fraud prevention, Information security,..
  • We provide support with implementing an adequate corporate governance structure.


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