Prepare for a successful ERP implementation

How can SMEs prepare for a successful ERP implementation?

You recognize that a new ERP software can bring more structure into your organization and accelerate your SME. But… the well-known stories about expensive and failed ERP implementations discourage you to take the leap. 


In order to guide SMEs in their search for a new ERP software, we developed a structured and proven approach, tailored to the specific SME context.

Together with you and your employees, we define a clear strategy and vision. This gives you a clear-cut and supported picture of where you want to go with your SME. Once the destination is clear, we translate the “how-do-we-get-there” into future business processes. We visualize the most efficient processes tailored to your company. These “TO BE” business processes co-determine the functionalities of the new ERP software. When you clearly articulated the need-to-haves and nice-to haves, we jointly start searching for the best-suited ERP software. Only now, you are ready for your ERP implementation.

If desired, we take up the role of project management for the ERP implementation. In addition, we can defend the interests of your SME towards the ERP vendor during the ERP implementation.

For whom? 

Every SME aiming for a successful ERP implementation. Every manager who wants to be supported by a software-independent party throughout one of the most important business transformations of his or her SME. 


  • ERP implementations are expensive and full of risks. Nevertheless, SMEs should keep moving forward. That is why we help your SME preparing for a successful ERP implementation. We want to help reducing the risks of a failed ERP implementation.
  • By doing your homework in advance, you know better what you expect of the new ERP software. As such, you will be less tempted to implement unnecessary and expensive additional features.  
  • As a SME, you probably do not have the right employees in-house to manage the ERP project. Avoid a slow and inefficient ERP project and manage to keep the costs within the budget.
  • A new ERP software is the opportunity to further structure, professionalize and prepare your SME for the future. By thoroughly thinking about the desired reports in advance, you will be able to set-up the ERP software accordingly. Seize the opportunity and gain deeper insights into your SME!


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