Case | Internal audit of a billing process

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An international company wants an internal audit of their billing process. The company calls on horsum to lead and perform the internal audit.


Together with two employees of the company the entire billing process was audited. horsum guided the project team throughout the audit: from audit scope determination to the identification of risks and controls to their testing until the final audit report.

In addition to these internal audit activities, horsum organized a risk work shop to which all stakeholders of the billing process were invited. The participants discussed and evaluated -supported by voting software- the identified risks. During the workshop, all departments could share their opinions and remarks regarding the billing process. Further, possible improvement actions were immediately proposed and assessed.

Throughout the audit, all findings were discussed and aligned with the concerned responsible department directors. Pragmatic recommendations and action plans were designed.

The internal audit of the billing process resulted in improved risk control, a higher awareness of future challenges and a more focused end-to-end management of the billing process. 

C├ędric Verfaillie - December 15, 2015