Jo Locquet photo

"Thanks to the flexible support, the project got a kickstart. The guidance, support and transfer of knowledge, enabled us to grow and continue working on this ourselves."

Roeland Van Dessel photo

"Due to the knowledge and thinking in terms of solutions, the collaboration with horsum resulted in an improvement of efficiency, planning and follow-up. "

Steve Wittouck photo

"The professional approach of horsum critically challenged our way of working and provided better insights into the choice of the right ERP partner. "

Joke Vandepitte photo

"horsum helped us in our IT package selection. horsum urged us to keep seeing the helicopter view. Their expertise and independence in such an important investment is a great added value for every SME!"

Elisa De Puysseleyr photo

"To the point. Sessions well prepared. Set timing achieved. Knowledge of the subject matter."

Willem Declercq photo

"No empty talk, but directly implementable advice!"

Roeland Van Dessel photo

"Thanks to the constant open questioning by horsum, a few things emerged that on the one hand resulted in a few quick wins. On the other hand, they succeeded in making the processes and foundations of our company clear and transparent. horsum in a nutshell: professional, driven, flexible and to the point!"

Geert Lafaut photo

"horsum makes the complex data understandable within a short period of time."

Luc Jennes photo

"Their human approach and their respect for the needs of all employees and of the management, characterize the working method of horsum. In an efficient way, without major theories, our corporate structure was prepared in order to be able to meet our future growth. Mapping our operational processes was executed with the same drive. To have horsum as a partner, has taken our company to a higher level. A fantastic collaboration!"

Kathleen Wille photo

"horsum created clarity in our end-to-end business processes and documented these in a professional manner. This created more knowledge and understanding of both the processes and the global organization for the Velleman employees. horsum also provided reporting advice that allowed us to better manage our strategy."

Filip Lietaer photo

"As a fast-growing SME, we definitely needed a clear helicopter view of all our processes. horsum has been able to get our whole organization to actively participate in this project, with a no-nonsense approach. The result is an advisory report full of useful recommendations, that will also provide a basis for meetings with several IT partners."

Stijn Loosveld photo

"horsum’s identity and pragmatic approach are important assets. Their output is concrete and clear. Not high in the sky! I assume that this is an important reason why companies choose horsum."

David Waelkens photo

"Thanks to a structured approach and an open dialogue with our departments, horsum has designed our business processes. They are now the foundations to further improve and to support our growth. "

Guy Vandenbroucke photo

"horsum has guided our employees to the next level of reporting. Their professional approach has made it possible to, in a limited period, take major steps, make our reports more comprehensible, and make us able to analyze better. "

Christophe Jacob photo

"I would recommend horsum because of both their open culture with our employees and their result oriented and efficient way of working. And especially because of their direct impact on our organisation."

David Houthoofd photo

"Thanks to horsum’s structural approach, our IT needs were determined in detail. In this way, we could approach the market, and we could look for the IT-package that would fit our needs the most. With horsum, we acquired a real expert, so that our organization could maintain its focus on its core tasks."

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"horsum conducted very constructive and open conversations with us, as management, and our employees. All of this resulted in appropriate advice for the company. Based on the recommendations, we were able to fine tune our way of working. Thanks to the clear communication of the project, horsum created a good alignment between the employees and management."

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"horsum helped us in identifying and structuring our ERP-needs. We now clearly know what we want and we can confidently approach the ERP vendors. We gained a lot of time. "

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"Excellent knowledge of a technology company!"