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Demo Viva Mona

Get started yourself with the demo of Viva Mona, a fictional company that runs coffee shops! Learn more about this demo.



Why Power BI?

Power BI is an accessible Microsoft tool that can connect with hundreds of data sources. It visualizes live dashboards and reports, based on data from all the IT systems within your organization. It gives you an accurate and real-time insight into the results of your organization every day. From financial management, over sales and marketing to operational inventory management and reporting.


Demo Furnixx

Get started yourself with the demo of Furnixx, a fictional company that distributes furniture! Learn more about this demo.



Why horsum?

horsum does not only help building your Power BI reporting, but also advises you with the design. We analyze which KPI’s give you the right insights to take decisions, in line with your strategy. We don’t stop with the design and development, but also train your employees so they can work with the tool afterwards.



Want to get your organization up to speed with Power BI? horsum can help!


A flashy dashboard is one thing, but does it give you the right insights? horsum really makes the difference here: we design reports and dashboards in close collaboration with you. The right KPI’s on the right place. Based on our solid experience and our expertise in business advisory, we build reports and dashboards which allow you to take the right decisions.


Dashboards and reports must provide up-to-date and to-the-point information. Like a house, reports can be built in different ways. Our Power BI experts build dashboards and reports in a structured and lean way. They will connect to real-time information from your different IT systems. They make sure that your reporting can still be extended or adapted in the future, for example in case of business changes.


Organizations are living organisms. Their strategies, structure and actions are always in motion. These changes might impact your reporting needs. Our Power BI experts will help you make the necessary changes to your reports and dashboards in an efficient way.


We train you and your employees in the day to day use of Power BI. We show you how to consult the correct and up-to-date information and insights. We will show you the different building blocks of Power BI to allow you and your employees to work with the tool on a daily basis and make changes to your reports.


For every Power BI project we follow our proven approach: 


Based on an intake interview, we define together the scope, functionalities and timing of the Power BI project.

Data Modelling

Next, we analyze the reporting needs and the available data sources. We design a concise but complete data model.


We divide the project into different sprints, each with a clear objective. This method allows us to deliver dashboards in a short period of time. In this way we want to create transparency during our progress.

User Acceptance Test

In each sprint we determine whether the dashboard meets all the requirements. This interaction makes it possible to make the requested modifications at an early stage.

Training & hand-over

In a last phase, we ensure smooth transfer and coach the people involved so that they are able to update the Power BI dashboards themselves.


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