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How to prepare for a successful ERP selection project? 

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  • Do you realize that a thorough preparation for an ERP selection is necessary, but is it hard to draft the planning, way of working and content of this preparation?
  • Do you lack people with the right skills or availabilities to map your future processes?
  • Is it hard to translate your future business model into the future ERP software architecture?
  • Is the master data of your different IT systems out of sync?
  • Is it difficult to define a validated set of reports for every division?

Our approach

horsum has extensive experience in guiding organizations in the first stage of an IT implementation track. We are independent of internal politics and are able to make fundamental, objective decisions. With a methodological approach, we thoroughly prepare your organization.


We visualize your future business processes, based on your organizational strategy. These future processes will define the requirements for the future ERP system.


We define the right KPI’s and reports that we want to export from the system. 


We guide you in setting up your master data governance. 


We define the future IT architecture, based on your business model.


Our knowledge of the ERP market allows us to draw up a longlist of potential IT partners. 


We build real-life scenarios and ask IT suppliers to demo how these scenarios would operate in their IT system (Proof of Concept). We help analyzing the different propositions.


We offer advice and support during contract negotiations and the financial analysis of the investment.